About Us

Who are Wildman Active and what can we offer you?
Quite simply, Wildman Active is a health and fitness service providing professional, original and effective workout sessions. Our results-based training will focus on your personal wants and needs in a fun, social and family style atmosphere. If you don’t want to commit to being a member you can still use all of our facilities but you will need to have an induction session before using the facilities to ensure that Health and Safety requirements are met – you don’t want to injure yourself on your first visit and ruin all your good intentions!
No empty promises, no gimmicks. Whether you are looking to get fit, lose weight, learn to exercise right, learn to live better, eat healthier, supplement properly, Wildman Active offers the solution to make it happen for you!
Wildman Active is here to help you reach and exceed your goals. You will be provided with one-to one supervision, feedback and clear direction. Wildman Active builds your customised training plan incorporating cardiovascular and weight training, flexibility/mobility training specifically designed for you.
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